BTS: JIMIN causes a sensation in the media

With the imminent release of BTS’s JIMIN debut solo album, media around the world are paying attention to a series of reports.


Media around the world quickly started reporting when JIMIN communicated with fans via the Weverse fan community on the 10th, announcing the release of his first solo album in March and preparing a lot of things for fans to do for the album release.

US Billboard said, JIMIN is finally gearing up for his solo debut,” detailing the live stream and highlighting the news of the collaboration song “Vibe” entering the main “Hot 100” chart, sparking uproar. expectations for JIMIN’s solo album.

JIMIN’s first solo album is just weeks away,” Rolling Stone said, followed by British music magazine NME, “JIMIN‘s long-rumored debut solo album has been confirmed to be true.“, adding that more news will be published as soon as the exact schedule is defined.

US outlet POPSUGAR said, “Fans are more excited than ever,” and didn’t forget about the timing and concept of the album release, the possibility of appearing on music shows and touring. solo albums, as well as expectations for collaboration with foreign artists. .

Philippine news outlet Philstar Life recalled an interview with Weverse Magazine, saying that JIMIN’s solo album is coming eight months after BTS’ personal activities were announced.

JIMIN said at the time:

“I think it’s okay to show my raw side a bit more. If I have to be more mature, I’ll be mature, I’ll try to convey that in music or music videos, I think I can show you things that I’ve never shown before.”

American entertainment outlet Soompi also said, “The wait is almost over” and said JIMIN’s album release delights fans, while other major outlets such as Indonesian CNN, Rapler, GMA NEWS , Popline, World Music Awards, All-K-Pop, Spin or Bin Music, etc. also reported it.

Previously, famous overseas producers including Tommy Brown, Taylor Hill, Steven Franks and Hudson Mohack made headlines by announcing their meeting with JIMIN via SNS, raising expectations for his solo album.

Like JIMIN’s solo songs such as “Lie”, “Serendipity” and “Filter” included in BTS albums and the world’s No. 1 streaming songs “Promise” and “Christmas love“, collaborations “With You” and “Vibe” also attracted attention.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS BTS, Google

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