CODE KUNST: A high quality album

The colorful featuring team will take part in producer CODE KUNST‘s new album.

CODE KUNST released a tracklist poster for his fifth album “REMEMVER ARCHIVE” on his agency AOMG’s official SNS on the afternoon of March 13.

According to the track listing, the album includes the double-titled tracks “Jumper (Feat. Gaeko, Mino)” and “Circle (Feat. Crush), but also “Remember archive“, “Bad bad (Feat. Tabber, Park Jae Beom)”, “Home boy (Feat. Lee Hi), “Wood (Feat. Woo Won Jae)”, “Shine (Feat. Tger JK; Woo Won Jae, Justhis), “In the attic“, “Page 1 (Feat. Baek Yerin, pH-1), “이불 (Feat Big naughty)”, “55 (Feat. Baek Yerin, Wendy)”, ‘Terminal (Feat. Sumin, Kidmilli, Chai)”, “Petty (Feat. Camo, Paul Blanco)”, “911 (Feat. Jackson)”, “Crew (Feat. Coogie, Paloalto, Chin)”, “ㅇㅁ(Feat. Meenoi)”.

CODE KUNST has built a distinct musical style while preparing the full album, which will be released after about three years. Expectations are also high for the message that CODE KUNST will send using different keywords.

Especially, Gaeko, Song Mino, Crush, Tabber, Park Jae Beom, Lee Hi, Woo Won Jae, Tiger JK, Justhis, Yerin Baek, pH-1, Big Naughty, DeVita, Wendy, Sumin, Kid Milli, Chai, Camo, Paul Blanco, Jakson, Coogie, Palloalto, Chin and Meenoi, making a total of 24 artists on this album.

On March 8, the pre-released songs “Bad bad” and “55” were released and received favorable reviews from music fans. Through 17 high-quality tracks, including this one, you can experience the engaging musical world of CODE KUNST.

CODE KUNST’s fifth album will be released at 6 p.m. KST on March 16.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS AOMG

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