DREAMCATCHER: End of American tour

Group DREAMCATCHER ended its tour by setting fire to nine American cities.


DREAMCATCHER marked the finale of “REASON: MAKES DREAMCATCHER 2023” in Los Angeles on March 20 (local time).

Starting in Atlanta, USA, the tour traveled to nine cities in total, including Washington, New York, Reading, Chicago, Denver, Irving, Oakland and Los Angeles.


During this tour, DREAMCATCHER filled with hit songs such as “Chase me“, “Scream” and “Boca”, as well as “Emotion”,Some love“, “Fairytale”, “Sahara”,Silent night” , and “May day” with approximately 120 minutes of operating time.


The local INSOMNIAs (official name of the fan club) rewarded the members with great support and cheers while watching the performances, including the stages prepared by the members. In the audience, enthusiastic responses as well as group chants warmed up the heat of the concert hall, and the beautifully colored one created a spectacular sight, giving warm memories to artists and fans.


During the US tour, DREAMCATCHER showed the band’s true worth. DREAMCATCHER not only achieved an unwavering live performance despite the intense choreography of each performance, but also proved its global status by performing a “final performance” concert with a magnificent delivery and much-needed stage manners.

DREAMCATCHER, who successfully completed the US tour, said through its agency:

We feel great that this US tour ended safely and happily. We are so grateful to Insomnias for leaving behind the happiest memories. DREAMCATCHER only has Insomnias. We can’t wait to meet the best fans there are and who really appreciated“.


Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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