WOODZ: An international tour

Singer-songwriter WOODZ will perform his first international tour since his debut.

On March 24, EDAM Entertainment stated, “WOODZ will hold the “WOODZ WORLD TOUR 2023 ‘OO-LI’” in 11 cities around the world, including Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Osaka, Tokyo, Bangkok, Mexico City, Lima, Santiago, and Sao Paulo, starting with Seoul on May 20 and 21. In addition to the tour program published the same day, the number of cities and performances, the “and more” already provides us with other places to enter this tour a bit more global.

In the poster released for this, WOODZ gazes into the distance with blank eyes in a dark blue space. On top of that, the tour title and the names of the cities harmonize with the intense red color.

The “2023 WOODZ WORLD TOUR ‘OO-LI‘” introduces WOODZ’s broad musical spectrum and enhanced stage to fans around the world. Notably, this performance is all the more significant as it is the first international tour to be held solo after solo activities in 2018.

WOODZ will open the spectacular doors of the tour in Seoul on May 20 and 21. In this performance, which will be presented in 11 cities, starting with Seoul, WOODZ will meet fans from all over the world by presenting a special composition also containing the artist’s own story, such as a variety of genres to match the qualifier of “All -Rounder”.

Ahead of the world tour release, WOODZ premiered “OO-LI PROJECT” with a mysterious teaser video on its official SNS on March 21, sparking many people’s curiosity and surprising many global fans as it was revealed that the first start of the project was a world tour. Among them, explosive interest is surging for other project content to be released in the future.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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