TXT: A successful start to the tour

The opening of sales for TOMORROW X TOGETHER‘s second international tour, “TOMORROW X TOGETHER WORLD TOUR ‘ACT: SWEET MIRAGE” is just one day away.

TXT will kick off “ACT: SWEET MIRAGE” with a performance in Seoul to be held at KSPO DOME in Olympic Park, Songpa-gu, Seoul on March 25-26.

It’s been five months since the first international tour “TOMORROW X TOGETHER WORLD TOUR “ACT: LOVE SICK”” ended in Manila in October last year, and it’s been about nine months since the concert at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul.

TXT will feature live storytelling in the performance through “ACT: SWEET MIRAGE” by combining various attempts.

◆ Stronger script and first public performance

TOMORROW X TOGETHER is expected to present the essence of storytelling through this international tour. As seen in the teaser trailer released earlier and the previous story video “ACT: SWEET MIRAGE” released on official SNS today, the story linked to Hybe’s original story “The Star Seekers” and the unique story of TOMORROW X TOGETHER taking performance fun to the next level.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER posted a surprise spoiler video on TikTok, a global mobile video platform, on March 23, suggesting the release of an undisclosed song. Moreover, they captivate fans around the world with strong setlists and attractions, such as the first stage, units and solo performances, as well as songs from their released fifth mini album “The Chapter of Name: TEMPTATION”. in January.

◆ Maximize immersion by applying various technologies such as hearing and smell stimulation with scent spraying

Technology and staging have also been enhanced to deliver a spectacular performance by TOMORROW X TOGETHER amplifying the storyline contained in this performance in a vivid and immersive way.

Fragrance spray devices will be installed throughout the “ACT: SWEET MIRAGE” concert hall, allowing the audience to enjoy the experience of watching the expanded performance beyond audio-visual enjoyment. In addition to that, five multi-level large-scale LEDs and lights, realistic backdrops and special effects are expected to provide the audience with an unforgettable magical moment.

◆ MOA Area Online Broadcast

On-site event areas and an online live stream will also be prepared so you can enjoy TOMORROW X TOGETHER‘s “ACT: SWEET MIRAGE” in a variety of ways. At the concert site, there will be a photo zone, MOA Zone, an event zone for fan clubs and a shop where you can find various official products.

For fans around the world who cannot visit the concert hall in person, the Seoul concert will also be streamed live online for two days. The online live stream will feature subtitles in three languages, including English, Japanese and Chinese, and a total of six multi-view screens consisting of a main screen and five individual camera screens for each member.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS TXT

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