KINGDOM: Performance during the “Music core”

Boy group KINGDOM is the essence of brilliant K-pop performances. During the “Show! Music core” he gave a certain utopia.

Show! Music core” is an MBC music show that aired on the afternoon of March 25! KINGDOM appeared and performed the title track from their sixth mini album “History of Kingdom: Part Ⅵ. MUJIN” “魂; Dystopia.”

That day, KINGDOM appeared on stage in a casual charming denim style and caught the eye with a fashionable outfit. As the grand intro began, the members exuded fiery energy with deep charisma in their eyes.

With their appealing vocals and sultry performances, KINGDOM sang an epic fantasy poem titled “The Flower in Black Darkness is the Sword of Redemption,” delivering a scene that captivates the heart beyond the eyes and ears. The performance of the power was solid without you being able to take your eyes off it, and the energy emitted from the bodies of the members gave off a brilliant energy like that of a king, arousing admiration.

魂; Dystopia” is an Epic Dance pop genre where you can feel the dance of traditional instruments over a strong base and drum beat, and the powerful vocals of KINGDOM members combine to express their determination to “protect precious things even if they trade them with their lives.”

KINGDOM sequentially incorporated the members’ stories into the album under the group’s worldview “The Seven Kings of the Seven Kingdoms“. The seven members themselves, who possess the name of a king, are the basic worldview of KINGDOM, and they intend to plan and present various cultures around the world by reconciling them with K-pop. “History of Kingdom,” which consists of a total of eight albums in eight episodes, captures the epic poems of a king trying to wake up as the true king and six kings from different eras to help him.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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