VANNER: Privileged interview with the group

In a café not far from Gangnam, in Seoul, KSTATION TV meets the group VANNER during an interview, alongside other journalists to discover or rediscover the winners of the show “PEAK TIME.”


The group begins by introducing themselves and thanking the journalists who came for this privileged interview. Every member puts on a big smile and seems happy to be standing in this cafe on this day. Everyone says they want to work hard and complete this interview in the best conditions, so the interview begins.

When people were informed about your participation in “PEAK TIME” how did they react?

TAEHWAN 태환: I received a lot of support during the filming of the show “PEAK TIME” which gave me strength to continue filming and today be a better singer.

HYESUNG 혜성: When I learned that I was going to appear on the show, I immediately told my parents who were very happy for me and gave me a lot of advice, including telling me to enjoy the filming as much as possible. .

YEONGGWANG 영광: I personally received a lot of support from fans on the group’s SNS, which I’m very grateful for.

How did you handle it all? And important question, what about your part-time jobs?

TAEHWAN 태환: We received a lot of support but it wasn’t always easy because we all had part-time jobs during filming, but it also gave us strength because not only the agency but also our employers supported, encouraging us to work hard which has allowed us to be where we are today.

HYESUNG 혜성: So we all quit, which saddened our bosses of course, but they were happy for us that it was under such circumstances. They all wished us well and we received gifts.

GON 곤: I used to work at Ediya (a famous coffee company in Korea), and I still keep in touch with the boss and the team, who gave me parting gifts. So I found it natural to return the favor after the victory.

How did you experience filming?

YEONGGWANG 영광: We laughed a lot during filming, but there were some difficult moments. However, we hope that you enjoyed during the broadcast of the program the beautiful moments and the joyful moments above all.

GON 곤: We received strength from each other, which made us surpass ourselves, and despite the difficulties we encountered, we were not really worried about the future. So I’m happy to be in this group.

HYESUNG 혜성: I personally cried a lot, but remembering the moments of the show, now I laugh with the members.

How did you feel during the victory?

TAEHWAN 태환: It was the first time for us to receive so much love when winning, which made us extremely happy, and we hope to soon be able to return this love at a concert to meet our fans, old and new, but at the moment we are focused on releasing a new album.

Is there a highlight during the show?

HYESUNG 혜성: The moment that stood out to me the most was of course the victory, especially since my family was there. I was actually stressed knowing them so close, so much so that I almost cried, because I had the feeling that before participating in PEAK TIME, and this since the beginning of the group, I had not given thoroughly, which I was able to change during the show. I was really stressed, but it was the most beautiful moment at the same time.

TAEHWAN 태환: We received the song “Skyscrapper”, and when we read the lyrics, we thought “rather than just being a building, let’s be even higher”, also symbolizing the lyrics, this is where we we were told that we had to give our all.

GON 곤: Our first performance was on “아낀다” by SEVENTEEN, and that first stage performance was for me the highlight of the show because it really symbolized the start of filming.

TAEHWAN 태환: I was working during the filming in a tteokbokki restaurant, and I said to myself at times “If ever because of “PEAK TIME” I become famous, maybe there will be filming in my restaurant” which worried at times, but in the end, with all the members eating there sometimes, exposing us more in the end but these are expensive times for us.

Was it difficult to manage jobs and shooting the show?

HYESUNG 혜성: I’ve always told myself that during difficult times, we must not give up, for our fans above all who despite the hardships have never abandoned us. But our fans still didn’t know that we had part-time jobs, so I was worried about their reaction when they found out. However, they showed their support even more strongly, saying that we were “cool” for daring to show the reality of our lives. Many people who weren’t fans of us before the show supported us and became fans afterwards, expressing their anticipation for seeing us on stage soon. I am truly grateful for all this support.

TAEHWAN 태환: The show was a gift for us. We spent a lot of time together, and it brought us closer. During “PEAK TIME”, some people were wondering if we would be able to get by with our jobs, while staying active on SNS, but I think we managed to show them that we got through it.

Were you supported during the show?

GON 곤: It’s been a while since we started, but I was able to learn more about myself, but also as a singer because the staff also gave us feedback on our performances, telling us what to improve for example.

YEONGGWANG 영광: We were able to show a lot of successful performances thanks to the work of the agency, the staff, but also thanks to our teamwork.

What’s new since the end of “PEAK TIME”?

GON 곤: We recently started living in a dorm again, which makes me really happy! Whatever we do is fun, for example, just eating together makes me happy because we create new memories together every moment. We spend a lot of time together, and our group is getting stronger.

HYESUNG 혜성: We have decided to live together again to keep working hard and not waste this new opportunity, now that our schedules all fit together again. It’s really meaningful to us.

AHXIAN 아시안: This victory made it possible to find ourselves in a dormitory again, because we told ourselves that with this found complicity, we could make it happen.

(However, when asked if the dorm is okay, they all laugh embarrassedly and say how grateful they are to the agency, saying they even have a living room now.”)

From now on what will be the direction of VANNER, the concept, your objectives?

YEONGGWANG 영광: Regarding our comeback, we are thinking about how we will show our personal qualities, and what artistic direction to follow, so we are working hard on it at the moment, I hope the fruits of our labor will please. I think our band really enjoys being on stage.

GON 곤: My goal is above all to bring strength to those who gave it to us during the show, and to show them how sincere I am in my music.

Do you think you are role models for other people?

HYESUNG 혜성: A lot of people say they recognized themselves in our daily life regarding our jobs, because a lot of people were impacted during the covid, which meant that a lot of people lost jobs and looked for part-time jobs, that also gave courage from what I heard, and gave me more strength.

Have you used “PEAK TIME” to improve yourself?

TAEHWAN 태환: During “PEAK TIME”, we all monitored ourselves to understand what to improve, and we mainly focused on improving our facial expressions and body language, and as we received feedback from international fans, we hope to quickly meet them to thank them for their feedback and support.

Now that the show is over, what are you working on? The new album?

HYESUNG 혜성: That’s why we are working really hard for this comeback. We still don’t know the details regarding its release for example, but we are determined!

GON 곤: For this album, I wondered if I was able to have a solo song, so I am also working on that for this comeback, in order to earn this right.

TAEHWAN 태환: Yes, and I mainly work on composing and writing lyrics, everyone works hard as a group, but also as a member.

What is your dream from now on?

GON 곤: My dream today is to reach number one on the Billboard charts, a dream that is really not easy to achieve, but maybe thanks to the visibility received by “PEAK TIME” we will get there.

TAEHWAN 태환: I hope we will appear on the Coachella stage once, twice, five times…

GON 곤: Five times might be a lot, so at least once!

YEONGGWANG 영광: For my part, my dream would be to appear this year at MAMA, as a new beginning of the group, and a consecration of our victory.

How do you perceive “PEAK TIME” for the group?

HYESUNG 혜성: “PEAK TIME” is really a gift we received, at a time when we were having a lot of difficulties and working in addition to our group activity. Today, the fact of having been able to resign is also a gift because of its meaning.

Have you had time to talk to relatives about your services?

HYESUNG 혜성: Recently, I spent some time with my best friend and we looked back on my participation in the show, this feedback from my relatives was very gratifying.

TAEHWAN 태환: I also discussed the programs a lot with my friends, and their comments helped me a lot.

Did you receive support from fans and other people?

GON 곤: The other participants also supported and advised us, I would like to express my thanks to them once again during this interview, and I even sometimes went to cafes organizing birthday events to leave words and support in my own way. .

YEONGGWANG 영광: We also received messages on our SNS from singers and public figures, we were really surrounded and supported. After the Covid started, and I started my part-time job, I often wondered if I should continue to be a singer, but thanks to different forms of support, I did not give up, and c is a consecration now.

TAEHWAN 태환: My parents helped me a lot when I wanted to quit. When I started, my father mainly advised me, but now that he is no longer there, my mother is my pillar, and I no longer see myself giving up for my parents who have always believed in me. It’s a way for me to reciprocate, and I don’t want to disappoint them in the future.

HYESUNG 혜성: We held performances in Japan, and Japanese fans and artists recognized us in “PEAK TIME” by reminiscing about the scenes in their country, and being happy to see us on the show.

What do you remember from the filming of the show, what was the most difficult?

GON 곤: I think the hardest part of the show was for the make-up and hair team, because thanks to this team we were idols on stage again, and I sometimes felt sad when I saw their work. relentless between each episode, and during filming as well.

From now on, what type of show would you like to appear in?

YEONGGWANG 영광: Now I want to appear in RUNNING MAN because I love sports!

AHXIAN 아시안: We couldn’t appear on many shows before PEAK TIME so I hope the band will have more opportunities now, because our job first and foremost is to be singers, so I wish we could continue to show the group you are forming.

TAEHWAN 태환: Personally, I would be grateful for any opportunity.

GON 곤: I want to appear on YOUNGJI’s show because I don’t really like alcohol, so I’m curious about the result if I have the opportunity to shoot on his show.

HYESUNG 혜성: I want to appear in so many shows that choosing one would be impossible. Whether it’s as a singer, or an idol on an entertainment show, I’d be thrilled.

How did you manage to hold out so far?

GON 곤: Since our debut, the reason we still stand on stage today is our fans who have always supported us and given us their love. I want to return the favor to them as soon as possible.

AHXIAN 아시안: It must have been difficult for our fans to see our daily life, but they must have been delighted with the opportunity offered by “PEAK TIME”. Either way, their love helped us a lot.


It is with these last words that the group concluded this interview, the smiles having never left their faces.

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs, Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Photos: Klap Entertainment

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