Friday, September 29, 2023

ATEEZ: A page from a secret newspaper to find

On May 27 at midnight KST, ATEEZ unveiled a mysterious code on its SNS for its comeback.


ATEEZ has unveiled snippets of each song from its album «  THE WORLD EP.2: OUTLAW » throughout the week. Recently, they shared an enigmatic photo of a newspaper called « To the OUTLAW » on its SNS, along with a cryptic message that read, « Our traces is closer than you think. PS: Traces don’t stay long. »

Upon closer inspection of the journal, it becomes apparent that a code and location are visible at the bottom. At the top right, there is a validity date displayed along with the code. Fans have until 11:59 p.m. KST tonight to enter the code 9392593 at any Printing Box, a self-service printer brand located in South Korea.


Thus, when we find one of these printers, we can see the « WANTED » posters of each group member. Upon entering the code, we can access the front page of the newspaper titled « To the OUTLAW ». The latter is divided into several sections corresponding to each duo unveiled earlier in the week.

In the « Where? » Section, accompanied by SAN and WOOYOUNG‘s concept photos, is inscribed « The fighter who works undercover and his colleague are on the wanted list. It was confirmed that before their escape, they were temporarily living in an abandoned van. » In the « Missing » section, for YUNHO and JONGHO, we can read « The location of these men who appear to be running a garage is unknown. Even though the investigation continues, these boys remain untraceable. »


The « Dune » section, with HONGJOONG and MINGI, is inscribed « The gunmen who made the world noisy have not been found despite the large rewards on them. New information has been obtained about a person with clandestine activities ». And finally, in the « Who » section, accompanied by YEOSANG and SEONGHWA, we can read « The biker crew that scared the road recently found itself in the middle of a controversy. This group, which hides their face, disturbs like outlaws. We are currently looking for them but without result ». At the very end of this newspaper, we find the name « Blue Bird Delivery » as well as a number: 2215-2984 adding even more mystery around this comeback.

In addition, some fans may have been surprised to come across a truck selling peppers in the middle of Seoul. Accompanied by posters with the slogan « 해적 스타일 (the pirate style) » and « 화끈한 매운맛 (spicy and hot flavour) » reminiscent of those present at Seoul’s « Anchor », the truck played an audio announcing the group’s return for the 16th June. Thus, the expectation is increasing for fans, especially on the eve of releasing a new photo concept.

Finally, ATEEZ will return with a new album, « THE WORLD EP.2: OUTLAW », on June 16th.

Journalist: Laura
Translator: Laura

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