Friday, September 29, 2023
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NEWS: An evacuation alert in Seoul

This morning, awakened by the howls of the telephone.

Today in Seoul, a siren in the streets and cell phones started ringing in an unusual way.

Indeed, even if many see Korea as a safe country, it is still a country that has concluded a ceasefire with its northern neighbor. This has the effect that South Korea remains extremely vigilant in relation to everything that happens at the level of the northern border.

On the message we received it says:

“Seoul Metropolitan Government] A warning was issued at 6:32 am today. Please prepare to evacuate now and let children, elderly and vulnerable people evacuate first”

Waking up a large part of the population who was surprised by it. A few minutes later we received a second message:

This one telling us that the alert issued was an error. And for those who follow the kakaotalk of the French consulate in Seoul, we also received the following message:

The Korean media then issued and clarified that this alert had followed the launch of a rocket in North Korea.

Remember that during your trip to South Korea, don’t forget that it will be important for you to have something to communicate with and to receive this type of alert on your cell phones.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn


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