Saturday, December 2, 2023

KEITA: His first solo fan meeting was a success

KEITA, a former participant of Mnet’s survival program “Boyz Planet“, has successfully completed his first solo fan meeting in Japan.


KEITA held four performances of his first solo fan meeting “WELCOME TO MY ROOM,” two at HULIC HALL TOKYO in Tokyo on August 19 and two at UMEDA GEIJUTU GEKIJO in Osaka on August 20, creating unforgettable memories with fans.

The title, “WELCOME TO MY ROOM“, announces that: “We have decided to invite fans to KEITA’s studio, a natural and comfortable space, to enjoy it together, and to show the playful and natural charm of KEITA which n wasn’t shown on stage.” The announcement further heightened fan expectations.

KEITA presented various events with enthusiasm as it was his first meeting with fans on his own since the end of “Boyz Planet”.

That day, KEITA held the opening scene with a cover of “Kill this love (Boys Planet ver.),” which became a hot topic on the show. In addition, various performances such as “Bambi”,I’m not sorry” and “예뻤어 (you were beautiful)” gave fans a new charm. Although this was his first solo fan meeting, KEITA showed off perfect stage manners and charismatic cover scenes, pulling off versatile looks as she pleased.

He then burned his passion to give fans precious memories with various events such as a Q&A, a short film challenge, and a raffle with giveaways, as well as behind-the-scenes “Boyz Planet” stories.

In particular, he released his own song “Shadow” for his first solo fan meeting and performed “Metronome” released with rapper pH-1 last month, still warming the heat of the concert hall.

After the fan meeting, KEITA said, “This is my first solo fan meeting, and I was so happy to be with many fans from Tokyo to Osaka. Thank you so much for always supporting us and being with us. I will continue to work hard to be a selfless person who shows a lot of beautiful things so that I can return the love to my fans!” expressing his sincere emotion for the fans.

KEITA is set to debut with trainees from “Boyz Planet” in September.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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