Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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SNUPER : The group held a fan sign event.

     SNUPER held their first fansign following their comeback.

They held a fansign event at the COEX (a Seoul shopping mall) for ‘유성’, on July 23rd.



It was a chance for SNUPER to meet their fans while promoting their 4th mini album repackage ‘유성’.

Numerous fans went to see the group, and the members finally got to realise their popularity.

     SNUPER started promoting for their repackage album on the 20th. ‘유성’ is a song with an addicting melody that you will like for sure.


And for those who might be curious, here is the MV for you to enjoy their song!


Journalist: HAZEL

Source: Widmay Entertainment

Picture: Widmay Entertainment

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