Monday, December 4, 2023
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ONE DREAM ONE KOREA : a new song for the peace.

     Today August 14th at 2pm, were held the showcase for ‘One K Global Compaign’ « Korean Dream » at Ilchi Art Hall.

Korean Dream Showcase groupe (1)

     This campaign was launched in 2015 as one of the most popular movements for the reunification of the two Korea, and to contribute to the peace and global security.

     In 2015, the song « One Dream One Korea » composed by Kim Hyeong Seok and written by Kim Ina, and among 28 songs issued from Kpop participated is realeased. The M/V was seen 3 millions persons in 224 countries. 23 singers participated for the concert.
In 2016 the international campaign had started and the number of rennomed persons, wordwide, zho participated as the producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the song Peabo Bryson and one of the best producer Européen Metropolis.

     This year, the song « Korean Dream » was released. In march the “Global Peace Concert ONE K” zqs held in Manille in Philippines with 7 kpop groups and singers broadcasted on KBS in Korea and on TV5 in Philippines.

     The showcase had started by the introduction in the campaign video « ONE K Global », then the performance for Korean Dream, interpreted by IM DAMI, JUNG DONG HA and the group VOISPER. The sixth artists were able to move the present journalists in the hall with their powerful voices qnd the song in english with the lyrics expressing their wish for a reunification between two countries.

     After the performance, they stiked the pose for journalists.

Korean Dream Showcase groupe (2)

     The two CEO of ONE K were on stage to talk about the project of 2015. They mentionned the fact that kpopwas something internationnal nowadays and that it was also the reason why they ask for kpop stars for the first song throughout various concerts. IM DAMI mentionned the fact that the grand-father was North Korean and that the family was never reunited even though the two korea are so close geographically hurts her. She also mentionned that the fact that the song will help the Korean with their anger and sadness.

     The song JUNG DONG HA were nommed the public ambassador for the peace for the Korean peininsula. To finish the showcase IM DAMI had interpreted her song « Sound Of Silence » with which she won the 2nd on Eurovision in 2016.

     The song will be available officially tomorrow on online music streaming.

Journalist : Camille
Source : Kstation TV

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