NAVINCI : 2nd workshop in Europe.

      The new king of dance was in Europe for a new workshop. NAVINCI, whom kpop fans know especially under the name of HANSOL member of TOPP DOGG, returned for 2 workshops in France and Germany, thanks to Asia Unit, to make you move.


      Today, December 16th, KSTATION TV was able to attend the workshop in France. We are at the Paris Danse Studio, “26 rue des grands champs” in Paris, with a dozen daring dancers ready to follow the steps of their choreographer NAVINCI.


    Indeed the young man after his departure from the group TOPP DOGG unveiled many dance videos highlighting him and especially showing us his great qualities of dancer and choreographer. And this year we could see him in the crew NEWEST-G.

    During this workshop the dancers present followed the choreographies created by NAVINCI on the titles of Beyoncé “Haunted” and IU “Jam jam“. From slow sensual movements to faster ones expressing all their potential and the creativity of the young choreographer.

      The exchange between the dancers and the young man was impressive with passion, and although NAVINCI is a cheerful person, he still remains a Korean dancer and choreographer with the rigor of movement and Asian perfectionism.

    ASIA UNIT had allowed the most fervent dancers to be able to pass at the end of this workshop a privileged moment with NAVINCI.

      This type of event allows fans of artists, to discover them in another day, in their work and to be able to exchange their passion.


    Feel free to follow NAVINCI on his various SNS to discover his new creations and subscribe to social networks of Asiat Unit to not miss their next events.

Journalist : Shawn
Reporter : Océ J
Source : KSTATION TV / Asia Unit

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