TXT : All together with their mascots.

     All members are gathered on the last picture.

txt soobin 1

     Today April 22nd midnight KST, TXT unveil the latest pictures of their teasers concept of “Cat & dog“, with SOOBIN.

     So as not to remain in the routine, SOOBIN presents us in his arms a little rabbit, coincidence or not, it falls just at the time of Passover.

txt soobin 2

      In these 2 other photos SOOBIN, as with the other boys, has the gaze fixed on the camera, but with a rather expressionless air. He seems lost in the middle of all his flowers.

txt soobin 3

     TXT who are preparing to go to the USA for their first performances abroad, will soon reveal “Cat & dog“.

Journalist : Shawn
Source : SNS Bighit Entertainment

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