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SUNG YU VIN : Images of the past stolen.

     The private life of SUNG YU VIN, 21-year-old singer of MYTEEN’s former member, and KIM SO HEE, 24, former member of the IVY group, is controversial.


     The pictures called “프듀 출신 아이돌 스캐 들 (Former Produce Idol Scandal) are spreading rapidly on various social networking sites and online communities on Saturday.

The published photo shows the two young persons with masks and kissing with their eyes closed. The netizens assumed that the characters in the photos were SUNG YU VIN and KIM SO HEE, speculating that the two could have a relationship.

sung yu vin

     SUNG YU VIN and KIM SO HEE participated together in the MV of KIM SO HEE‘s new song, “Sobok Sobok”, in 2017, to create a friendly atmosphere.

The two young people were affiliated with Music Works. Last month, KIM SO HEE left Music Works.

SUNG YU VIN has also appeared in survival programs such as Mnet’s “Superstar K6” and “Produce X101”. KIM SO HEE is a former participant of “Produce 101” season 1 and was also a member of the C.I.V.A. and IVY.

MYTEEN, which debuted in 2017, recently announced its dissolution. SUNG YU VIN has formed a unit with KIM KUK HUN of MYTEEN and is expected to make a strong comeback with the release of a new song today.

Coincidentally, there are many suspicions about why photos of his private life were leaked on the day of the release of the new song.

Music Works agency has made an official announcement :

Hello, we are Music Works.

We would like to share with you what we have confirmed regarding today’s relationship between SUNG YU VIN and KIM SO HEE, as well as our official position.

It was confirmed that they met briefly when they were both in our agency but have since separated.

Recently, KIM SO HEE left our agency and SUNG YU VIN released a new title today. Photos of the past have been illegally disclosed.

In this regard, we would like to apologize to our artists, and society, for the concern for our fans.

Separately, we will continue to monitor artists for acts such as privacy and online defamation, and to protect them by taking all appropriate legal action.

We thank you.

Official release :

다음은 뮤직웍스 공식입장 전문

안녕하세요, 더뮤직웍스입니다.

금일 보도된 송유빈, 김소희 열애설 관련, 확인된 내용과 당사의 공식 입장을 말씀드립니다.

확인 결과, 두 사람은 같은 소속이었던 시절 잠시 만난 것은 사실이나, 이미 결별한 사이로 확인되었습니다.

최근 김소희 양은 소속사를 떠난 상황이고, 송유빈 군은 금일 앨범을 발매하는 상황에서 지난 과거의 사진이 불법적으로 유출이 되었습니다.

이에 관련하여 먼저 팬분들께 심려끼쳐 드린 점에 대해 회사를 비롯한 당사의 아티스트는 죄송하다는 말씀을 드립니다.

이와 별도로 당사는 아티스트에 대하여 온라인 상에서의 사생활 침해, 명예훼손 등의 행위에 대해 지속적으로 모니터링 할 것이며, 이 후 선처없이 법률적 모든 조치를 취하여 아티스트를 보호할 것입니다.


Journalist : Shaw
Translator : Shawn

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