Wednesday, November 29, 2023

DON MILLS : More weight to avoid the army.

     Rapper DON MILLS (Hwang Dong-hyun, his real name) has gained weight in order to avoid active service. The revelation was made public late.

don mills

     According to a report released today by Chosun Ilbo, DON MILLS was sentenced to two years in prison with a one-year stay for deliberately increasing his weight in order to avoid active military service. DON MILLS was found unfit at the third level for a physical examination at the age of 25, but later rejected his commitment because of an illness test.

     DON MILLS, who had delayed his appointment, suffered a change of military service when he was reassigned in June 2017 on the grounds that his size and weight had changed. DON MILLS, who was later classified as a “random weight watchdog”, was diagnosed in the fourth degree in a randomized trial conducted by the Military Personnel Administration in July of the same year and avoided enrollment.

DON MILLS was however charged last December for deliberately gaining weight in order to obtain a military exemption. DON MILLS, who was finally convicted last May, will join the Army on October 8th.

But when the crime was revealed, many fans have launched criticism. The fans showed a great feeling of betrayal, because the artist had received a lot of support from his fans and, by concealing this fact and systematically revealing photos and posts about his military life on their SNS, betrayal is big.

DON MILLS, who also worked under the name of Hwangma K, released his first album “FUTURE” in 2016, with a debut single “Donmills” in 2013. He made his name on the hip-hop stage with a certain number of compilations and feature MV, under the hip-hop label VMC, and also made his face public by appearing in programs such as “Show Me the Money” and “Today Again”, as well as as a rap teacher of ” Produce 101 Season 2 “.

Journalist : Shawn
Translator : Shawn
Source : SNS DON MILLS Instagram

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