Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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BZ-BOYS: They celebrated their 100th day on VLive.

Yesterday, the rookie band BZ-BOYS celebrated the 100th day since the release of their debut song called «Question». They decided to celebrate this special day with their fans by holding a surprise live on V Live.


The boys said: «In the past, we would always watch other artists’ lives, so it is really strange to do our own live. We are a little nervous since it is the first time and we don’t really know how we should interact with you but we are genuinely thinking about it with our staff».

They went on by summing up what they have been doing since the release of their debut single: «We mainly trained at our agency and we even started preparing our upcoming album. We also had the chance to go back to our hometown during Chuseok to spend a few days with our family. We ate a lot of good meals and enjoyed some time watching movies». Thereafter, the members replied to some of their fans’ questions.

When someone asked if there was reason for member SEUNG HYUN to grow his hair, he said «It is true that my hair has grown a lot lately and it is a bit uncomfortable but I am thinking of growing it a little more so that I can be free to style it as I wish when we release our first album». Other fans wondered why he didn’t have a stage name, to what he replied: «There was a stage name that I really liked but then I thought that the meaning of my name wasn’t so bad. Indeed, «SEUNG» stands for victory and «HYUN» stands for wisdom».

BZ-BOYS‘ fans were also curious about what songs the members have been listening to lately. Leader BON answered: «I really like the song «Like a Dream» by female singer BEN. The original song is very nice but I also enjoy listening to covers recorded by men. I am actually recording my own version these days». He also declared: «EXO‘s member CHEN will soon release his second mini-album. He has uploaded a highlight medley on SNS recently and I loved it; although it was short. I sincerely appreciate him as an artist and I hope I can meet him someday. A few days ago, I even watched one of his lives».

BON added: «I am preparing several videos these days and I think our fans will like them a lot. I am doing my best to upload them the soonest I can». Also, when someone asked which part of their single «Question» he liked the most, BON answered: «I like the part when we say «넌 날 미치게 해» (literally: «You make me go crazy»). If you pay close attention to that very part of the song, you can hear each members’ voice. I think this is the reason why I like it so much».

Later during their live, the boys decided to challenge their fans. They announced that if they reached 300,000 hearts, BON would sing the «Yodel it!» song entirely while TAE WOONG would sing in up to the first chorus. SEUNG HYUN said he would do impressions and Double.D promised to do aegyos.

Fans asked the members what they liked the most about themselves. SEUNG HYUN said it was his eyes and Double.D said it was his lips. Member TAE WOONG explained that he trained a lot to improve his rapping and singing skills. He believes his voice to be his strength. Lastly, leader BON admitted: «My ears were my biggest complex in the past but now I think they’re part of my charm. I used to hate them to the point that I wanted to receive surgery but today I think they’re pretty cute».

Three minutes before the end of the live, over 200,000 heart were recorded. The boys decided that one of them should still sing the «Yodel it!» song. They did a rock-paper-scissors and it is BON who had the privilege of entertaining the audience with a great impression. Before they ended their live, the members said: «The beginning of our live was a bit awkward since it is our first one. Unfortunately, we can’t stay any longer but we hope you had fun as much as we did. Now that we created our V Live account we are planning on doing many lives in the future. Lastly, we will soon be back with our first album and we hope to get all your support and love».

Journaliste: Plum
Translator: Plum
Source: BZ-BOYS Vlive

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