Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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WJSN: New teaser photos on social media.

Girl band COSMIC GIRLS also known as WJSN, has unveiled teaser pictures.


Last Tuesday, the STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT agency uploaded two teaser pictures on the band’s official Instagram account. On the pictures, we can see the ten members of the band altogether.

A few days earlier, individual pictures were already revealed to the public. The members were given the opportunity to display their personal charms.

On the two pictures, the ten young women are posing once sitting and once standing in an antique scenery that reminds us of an old castle. The girls’ outfits are very similar to equestrian clothing: a chic black jacket, white pants and black boots. The band’s charisma is boosted by this great setting.

Since their debuts, the girls have always succeeded in surprising their fans with various concepts each time they released a new album. It may again be the case with the upcoming one which is entitled AS YOU WISH.

Earlier this year, the girls had first released a single called «La La Love» which was inspired by carnival and circus vibes. During summer, they received the nickname of «Summer Queens» after they released the song called «Boogie Up».

The band’s fans are really excited to discover this new album which will now be released in very few days. Until then, the STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT agency is expected to keep on uploading various contents on the girl’s SNS including the tracklist of the album, the cover and a video teaser.

The band debuted back in 2016 with the release of a single called «MOMOMO». They will be back on the 19th of November with this new mini-album entitled AS YOU WISH.

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Translator: Plum
Source Starship Entertainment

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