B.I.G : The dance video of « ILLUSION » in the Abu Dhabi desert.

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B.I.G surprises the fans by posting a dance video in the Abu Dhabi desert.

Yesterday, B.I.G revealed the choreography of « ILLUSION », entirely created by GUNMIN, in a dance pratice video with the korean version of the song. The group has posted today a new video with the arabic version.

BENJI, GUNMIN, MINPYO, HEEDO and JINSEOK made use of their visit in Abu Dhabi for their concert at the Korean Festival to film the choreography of « ILLUSION » in an absolute heavenly setting with blue sky and fine sand dunes.

Wearing white pants and white satin shirts, B.I.G members charm us by performing the dance steps with bare foot in the sand. Their moves also match perfectly the exotic and enchanting environment.

The song itself fits the set really well since « ILLUSION » is about the desire to find your love-one after a break-up and missing that person is portrayed by the image of the mirage in the middle of the desert.

This video is a great artistic choice and a good initiative from B.I.G who keeps draging the interest and the attention in the arab countries.

Journalist : Florence
Translator : Florence
Source : SNS B.I.G

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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