JO JIN HO: Piano bar atmosphere of this fantastic vocalist.

The vocalist JO JIN HO exceeded fans’ expectations once again during his 3rd solo concert.


Member of PENTAGON, JO JIN HO held his 3rd solo concert “미니 라이브 매거진 호 VOL.3 – OFF STAGE – (Mini Live Magazine HO VOL.3 – OFF Stage)”  this January 10th at Nodeul Island House in Seoul. Each month, we were able to discover new covers of the singer on the official channel of the group. Don’t be fooled by his size, this “little guy” has enormous charisma and incredibly powerful vocal.

As soon as he entered the scene JO JIN HO put us in the mood by making everyone stand up. The decor of the place takes us to a modern American jazz lounge (brick walls, small table for 2 with bottles and glasses of wine, poster of saxophone, and more).

During this solo concert JIN HO performed about twenty songs with different surprises, giving fans a lot of love and joy. It all started with the titles such as “Only angel” and “Adventure of a lifetime” (Coldplay Cover) during which the artist made everyone jump on the word “Jump!”. Fans were in symbiosis with JIN HO and waved their gray lighsticks.

JIN HO then quickly spoke with fans and directly thanked them for being here.

When I decided to prepare for concert and the ‘setlist’ I really wanted to do an energetic performance during which I could move … so I decided on a Coldplay song for that. I was really stressed … running all over the place helped me to lower the pressure but … I’m still a little nervous ha ha ha. ”


The next two songs were covers of Charlie Puth’s “The way I am” and Post Malone’s “Circles“. Charlie Puth is an artist that JIN HO really likes and he is so fond of that “he sometimes wonders what he’s doing during the day“. He is also a big fan of Bruno Mars and his music, he likes to listen to his songs during preparations on the bacstage and it helps him to relax.

Before resuming JIN HO relaxed the atmosphere making a little joke. Really wanting to drink water, he looked behind towards bottles of wine and and said “… no, wait a little longer ^^”.

The fifth song was “Natural” by Imagine Dragons. During this track JO JIN HO completely amazed the public with his impressive vocal assurance, the emotion it released remarkably made this performance very incredible moment. During Bruno Mars’ “Gorilla”  JIN HO was joined on stage by HUI from PENTAGON.

The two boys joked among themselves about the performance. JIN HO asked what HUI thought of the performance and the young man replied that it was surely “top”. With humor JIN HO said “Between people who fart, we understand each other” (shaking hands with HUI).

During the following performances, JIN HO changed the atmosphere to more cozy one and flooded with soft lights he performed “Someone you loved” by Lewis Capaldi and “Nervous” by Gavin James.

JIN HO admitted that he is not a master of English but he loves to sing these songs and that they allow him to use his voice more and to push it towards high notes. During discussions with fans he was asked to sing “너만이였다면? which is his first song from “magazine HO”, as well as “야생화“. These two songs he sang acapella.

The two tracks “Bye bye my blue” by Baek Yerin and “When we where young” by Adèle took us to the piano bar. During performing them JIN HO was accompanied by a pianist. The artist admitted that he is always stressed about the choice of titles that he performs and that he hesitates on the style. he even wanted to make a rock song for December while skiing … but

I suck at skiing

he said.

He had another surprise prepared for the fans, starting with “Can’t feel my face” of The Weeknd and continuing with “Gravity“, he was accompanied by KINO (member of PENTAGON). The performance and the stage play made fans scream and shout, beware alcohol was to be drunk in moderation. The titles were followed by “Gethsemane” from the musical “Jesus Christ” and a new collaboration with YO WON and the song “The other side“. Two boys have put a lot of intention and energy into this song.

During the talk the boys exchanged with public, there was a moment when the fans were even more attentive because the boys revealed, and especially YO WON:

I am preparing things, besides we are preparing something …

Very quickly JIN HO changed position on stage to go to the second floor behind the it in order to bring us another facet of his possibilities. On a deeper, more spiritual tone, he interpreted the following two titles. A new member of PENTAGON came to support him. It was HEUNG SEOK. But not everything was going well. The next moment JIN HO explained the reason for these.

HEUNG SEOK caught a cold yesterday, you could hear him during this song. He did his best to be present. Besides, I think he succeeded. “…” Take vitamins!!!

HEUNG SEOK asked JIN HO several questions but it was the thinking of HEUNG SEOK that fans keept in mind.

JIN HO: For this new year, do you want to say something?
HEUNG SEOK: We are going to have a comeback.
JIN HO: Hey you can’t say that!
HEUNG SEOK: Everyone knows… so yes, we are preparing… be careful not to get sick!!


The next song was “Falling” by Harry Styles and it looked like it was the end of the show. JO JIN HO took this opportunity to thank his fans. “the Universes”, staff, Cube Entertainment and mmbers of PENTAGON who came to support him. The boys have promised to watch it and they did. Then it was the time to take the famous souvenir photo.


JIN HO, not wanting to leave, performed the songs “Yellow” and “In my place” by Coldplay.

I hope you take care of yourself and watch out for colds. Thank you for everything.

Encore, encore, encore, encore, encore…“. During these shouts coming from fans, paper planes were launched all over the room. I was accompanied by the song “The great escape“. JIN HO wanted to “do one more song” and continued with “Viva la vida“.

During this song other members of PENTAGON came up on stage to sing with him, before thanking everyone one last time. (members took time to collect a few paper planes and read messages written on them).


JO JIN HO is a great vocalist, member of PENTAGON. He proved it again. Within PENTAGON there are several individuals who know how to express themselves. As they announced it, they preparing a comeback.

A word from our reporter: ^^ It was quite nice. JIN HO is very cute and he smiles all the time. He has very good energy and beautiful voice. I hope he will have a solo album and solo songs to present next time… even if the covers were nice. ^^

Journalist: Shawn
Reporter: Mélusine
Translator: Shawn
R/C: Alicja

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