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STRAY KIDS: Their first album in English.

STRAY KIDS will release their first album in English today (January 24).

stray kids

STRAY KIDS will release their new digital single “Step Out of CLE” at 2 pm local time on January 24th and midnight US time. On its official channel and SNS, you can watch the video of the version’s performance English song “Double Knot“.

New content will include the English version of “Levanter“, the title track of “CLE: LEVANTER“, which was released in December of the same year as the digital single “Double Knot” released in October 2019.

Before its official debut, STRAY KIDS had been promoted thanks to the main local media, before even starting seriously, ranking first in 2018 among the 5 best kpop artists on the American Billboard.

Since its inception, the group has consistently achieved remarkable results on overseas charts, including global music streaming sites Spotify and iTunes, proving its popularity in Korea and abroad.

Thanks to such worldwide attention, it will release its first album in English about two years after his debut.

STRAY KIDS, with their World Tour “District 9: Unlock” should meet foreign fans during their first world tour.

The group will start in New York on January 29th and will perform in Atlanta on January 31st, February 2nd in Dallas, Chicago on February 5th, Miami on the 7th, Phoenix on the 9th, San Jose on the 13th and Los Angeles on the February 16th, and will hold a huge world tour that will cover 24 performances in 21 regions, including Japan, Southeast Asia and Europe.

He will then release his best album “SKZ2020” in Japan on March 18th and promote himself on the local music market.

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