Sunday, October 1, 2023

A.C.E: is participing in an information campaign for the next election.

Boy Group A.C.E is participating in a campaign to encourage the youth to take part in the general election the 15th  April .


Beat Interactive, the group’s agency,  said, “A.C.E participated in a content video for 18-year-old voters ahead of their first election. They will be taking on roles of high school students as they shared the correct to exercise one ’s right to vote and precautions regarding election laws.

Giving a relatable perspective, the members will be re-enacting various election episodes that should be noted by 18-year-old voters, who will get to exercise their right to vote this year through the recent revision of the Public Official Election Act.

On march 4th, the group relased the series of the campaign videos they starred in, starting with one that takes on the theme of “I Am Now A Voter”.

Besides the realsed on various online platform the compaign will be broadcasted on March, through the Korea Election Broadcasting Channel, a specialized election channel operated by the Central Election Commission.

Meanwhile, A.C.E will perform at the Kcon Japan on April 3rd.

Journalist: Subaru
Translator: Subaru
Source: Beat Interactive

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