TAEMIN: The Shinee fashion style.

SHINEE‘s TAEMIN captured the sensual atmosphere of this shoot.

taemin 4

TAEMIN recently did an exotic photo shoot with a fashion magazine in London’s Stratford district.

TAEMIN, who has donned a pazzley trench coat, suit and shirt, has revealed his unique aura with a more mature charm, making your eyes captivated.

taemin 2

In particular, TAEMIN instantly attracted those who saw him, with a relaxed expression and a dreamlike look, freely expressing a different feeling in each image.

taemin 3

Through this, he showed his artistic side, which he maximizes not only in music and on stage, but also in images.

When asked how important it was to make and show music in the interview, TAEMIN said, “I am proud of what I do, give people with positive energy. I want to make them happy people and I want it to be a good stimulant“, giving a clear vision of his music.

taemin 1

TAEMIN‘s sensitivity and unique interviews can be found in the April issue of Vogue Korea and its official website.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Vogue Korea


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