Friday, December 1, 2023

GOT7: A mysterious comeback in the making.

GOT7 released its first comeback teaser on Sunday through their official social media accounts.

GOT7’s cinema trailer for the single “Not By The Moon”.

After the members posted cryptic messages on their own personal accounts, the official GOT7 accounts revealed the date of the comeback, the album and title track’s names.

The new GOT7 album “DYE” will be released on April, 20th with the title track “Not by the moon”.

The first video teaser intrigued fans worldwide thanks to its tale-like aesthetic, its references to Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet transcribed through a short video that could remind one of animation movie.

Shortly after the announcement, fans worldwide have shown their enthusiasm and curiosity regarding this new concept; they shared their ideas and theories on social media.

GOT7 remained the top trending topic on various social media thanks to the hashtag #GOT7_NotByTheMoon.

They also revealed the individuals photo teasers for each member today.

Channeling all their creativity and imagination, fans shared their own analysis of the teasers as well as their handmade drawings and videos inspired by said teaser, showing their excitement for the upcoming comeback.

We are excited to hear their new songs as well ! May GOT7’s newest release me our expectations and a well-deserved success! What did you think of the teasers? Are you ready for GOT7’s comeback ?

Journalist: Lilies
Translator : Lilies
Source : SNS GOT7

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