B.I.G, SOYA, 3YE : They sing against the COVID-19.

GH Entertainment’s artists sang together a song called « Corona Song » to fight the COVID-19.

The artists B.I.G, SOYA, 3YE, JINY BRO, the trot singer KANG TAE-KANG and the tenor LOUIS CHOI gathered to sing the song « Corona Song » composed by PARK HYUN-WOO and written by LEE KUN-WOO.

« Corona Song » was translated in seven different languages, english, spanish, arabic, chinese, japanese, german and korean. 3YE was in charge of the english and the spanish while B.I.G was singing the arabic version. SOYA sang the song in japanese, KANG TAE-KANG sang in chinese and the tenor LOUIS CHOI sang in german. For the korean version of the song, it was sung by all the artists of the company together.

3YE sings « Corona Song » in english

B.I.G sings « Corona Song » in arabic

In 38 seconds, this song expressed the hope to come back to a world without COVID-19 and to overcome the virus together by following the recommendations such as wearing a mask and washing your hands.

Source : SNS GH Entertainment
Translator : Florence
Journalist : Florence

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