Friday, December 1, 2023

GOT7: 4 days until the comeback.

After announcing their upcoming comeback with the single “Not by the moon” and the album “DYE”, GOT7 revealed numerous photo and video teasers through their official social media accounts.

Today, they revealed various snippets for the album’s songs that got the fans hooked.

As a countdown, the seven members of GOT7 are currently starring in VLIVE videos called EVERYDATE, in which each of them prepares an activity for the fans. They also revealed two upcoming surprises.

Everydate countdown.

As we are getting closer to the release date and a schedule that fans hoped to be filled with activities, especially for JINYOUNG whose upcoming drama will be aired on the 25th of April, the group confirmed that they will star in a brand new episode of the show Weekly Idol. They have also revealed yesterday as well as today the first music spoilers for their upcoming single “Not by the Moon” and the songs’ album.

Fans worldwide have been able to see a new music video teaser for the single  « Not by the moon » and its impressive choreography as well as hearing snippet of all the songs from the album, that is to say “Aura“, “Crazy“, “Love you better” and “Trust my love” with the photo teasers’ behind the scenes as a background.

extract of the music video teaser.
Extract of the music video teaser.

Excited and impatient fans shared their first impressions on the hashtag #.3DaysTONOTBYTHEMOON.

GOT7 will be back on April 20th with their album “DYE” and its title track “Not by the moon”.

Are you ready for this comeback? What is your favorite snippet so far?

The first snippets are available here:

The everydate videos are available on the group’s official VLIVE account : LIEN.

We cannot wait to hear the full album!

Journalist: Lilies
Translator: Lilies
Source: Naver, SNS GOT7


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