LOVELYZ: YEIN, a clear and sensitive voice.

LOVELYZE‘s YEIN perfectly took over “부디” from Shim Kyu-sun in a clear voice.


Last night, Woollim Entertainment released a live video of YEIN of LOVELYZ on its channel “Woollim the Live”.

YEIN started singing with a handheld microphone in a white studio. YEIN was focused on the sensitivity of the song to flowing music. In particular, the fans pay great attention to “부디“, a cover which is executed with the soft, clear and unique voice of YEIN as well as her unique sensitivity.

Sung by YEIN, “부디” by Shim Kyu-sun is a song that contains a farewell message. YEIN showed her talented idol side by taking “부디” and using all her vocal abilities, her emotions and her voice timbre.

YEIN said: “This song is an affectionate song with a lot of emotions and memories for me. I hope the viewers will be able to receive all this sensitivity while listening to the song“, explaining the reason for her selection.

“Woollim the Live” is special live video content presented by artists from Woollim Entertainment. Giving a more lively sense of realism and liveliness, “Woollim the Live” is published every Saturday at 9 pm on its YouTube channel.

LOVELYZ, of which YEIN is a part, has recently been active in various fields and has an incessant sense of entertainment, notably in “지금, 방구석”.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: WOOLLIM Entertainment

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