LUKA / BASICK: Second performers for the ARTMATIC project.

Producer LUKA and rapper Basick are the second artists in the ARTMATIC project.

Luka basic

The ARTMATIC Part 2 project “Remember Feat. Basick”, produced by LUKA, will be broadcast on various music sites at 6 pm this April 20th.

The ARTMATIC project is a seasonal project presented by ARTMATIC, a Korean creative group which illustrates the sensitivity of the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter in music. On April 18th, producer Choi Ji-san and emotional singer Sondia released “Come on” and opened the doors to spring.

Remember” is the second song from the ARTMATIC project, and it emphasizes the feelings of spring following the line of “Come on“. LUKA, who has been active as producers of hip-hop music for artists such as Jessi, Double K and Microdot for the title “가시“, with Masta Wu “Shit Feat. Dok2″ and Bill stax “Monster Feat. Verbalzint “.

In addition BASICK actively participated not only in singing but also in the composition and writing of lyrics, improving the perfection of the song. “What is the problem, what is the most precious thing for me in a busy and exhausting reality?” are warm words that tell us to remember what is most precious to us.

Remember” should attract listeners with a new genre “Jazz Hip-hop”, as well as a more pronounced accent on a spring and warm sound, with a harmonious mixture of bass rhythms of jazz, electric style, a melody to the guitar, piano and bass on hip-hop rhythms.

Expectations are increasing for the ARTMATIC project, as listeners wonder what the next collaboration will take them towards the summer.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: ARTMATIC Company

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