NU’EST: Let’s go for the comeback.

A first trailer for the comeback of NU’EST was published on the group’s social networks.

The comeback of NU’EST was announced a few days ago by Pledis Entertainment. The first trailer of the group’s leader, JR, was released on April 19th.

This very mysterious trailer begins with the sentences “Daytime has been going on for days. And people wander the streets looking for nightfall. Our vanished nights.”. We can see JR in a forest, looking for something. He then opens a box buried in the ground, containing a switch. Once activated, the night seems to fall on the city. We can faintly see Aron at the end of this trailer. The video ends with the announcement of the name of this: “THE NOCTURNE”.

As for the previous return, a concept page was created:

Once on the page, you will need to enter a 4-digit code. The code, 0016, was quickly found by fans, but no one really knows the meaning of this number. Some fans say that the code corresponds to the time given by the hourglass located just above. You will then come across a drawing of a night landscape. A sentence then appears: “Once the sun rises and sets again, something will shine.”.

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All of these elements are very mysterious. Fans are eagerly awaiting the next trailers to hope to understand the meaning of all of these clues.

NU’EST will be back on May 11 with a mini-album entitled “THE NOCTURNE”.

Journalist: Arie
Translator: Arie
Source: SNS NU’EST

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