Tuesday, October 3, 2023

B1A4: Happy 9th birthday.

SANDEUL, member of the group B1A4, delivered a significant gift to fans to mark the ninth anniversary of his debut.


On April 23rd, SANDEUL wrote on the official B1A4 fan cafe: “Bana, B1A4 is celebrating its 9th birthday! Are there any Bana who have already seen the gift I prepared? I’m still loved, but I’m happy to put it that way. I hope our Bana will enjoy it.

Congratulations on this 9th anniversary of B1A4. Thank you very much to our members who have been with us for 9 years. Thanks Bana. I love you. Let’s continue to make good memories, Bana. SANDEUL is in place.

In addition, the published photos show the mountains set up on large electronic billboards. SANDEUL is known for hosting a major electronic advertising event for Star City at Konkuk University in Seoul to mark the ninth anniversary of the debut of B1A4. This is where SANDEUL’s sincerity towards its fans is felt.

sandeul 1

B1A4, which includes SANDEUL, celebrated the ninth anniversary of its debut on April 23rd, 2011. Since its debuts, the group has been loved by music fans in Korea and abroad by achieving successes such as “What’s happening“, Baby good night“, “Tried to walk,” “Lonely” and “Solo day“.

SANDEUL is a DJ for MBC’s FM radio “Sandeul’s Starry Night“. Beginning with the musical “형제 는 용감 했다” in 2012, he appeared in musical works such as  “All shook up“,Cinderella“, “The three musketeers” and “Iron mask”, attracting favorable reviews from a wide audience for his solid song and his rich sensitivity.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Fan café B1A4


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