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MOON JONG UP: A headache that makes him cute.

Singer MOON JONG UP is back on the front of the stage.


Today, May 7th 2020, singer MOON JONG UP of The Groove Company is back in front of the journalists to present his first solo single “HEADACHE“.

The artist, even if it’s his first single, is already known in the kpop scene. Indeed,the young man was part of the famous group B.A.P which made its debuts in 2012, before disbanding in 2019. These 7 long years have enabled the singer to acquire great scenic abilities and presence, and gain in popularity among the Baby (fans of the BAP group).

This time, MOON JONG UP flies solo and even if he is aiming at all music fans, he hopes to satisfy his fans, the MOONW4LK.

His first single consists of 2 titles, the first “Headache” is a song from the Funk pop genre. In comparison to the style that the singer used to show, this new title is composed of a refreshing, catchy and comfortable melody.

While speaking of the music, MOON JONG UP says he immediately appreciated it from the first listen, calling it catchy from start to finish. Besides, it’s a kind of music that you can listen to anywhere, in any situation and that puts you in a good atmosphere.” he said.

He then tells us about his MV which can be summed up as the following sentence:

When I think of you, it gives me a headache“.

MOON JONG UP wishes to express his desire: he would like to make this young woman become his “second half”, not knowing how to achieve that and how to make things speed up. This intention is also suggested in the choreography of the song with movements expressing his headaches and the fact that things don’t move fast enough.

This time MOON JONG UP is back solo with a new relationship to the scene and to himself. Indeed, when the young man was in the group B.A.P, he used to pay attention to others, to settle down to be at the same level as the others, so as not to be behind and not to hinder the progress of the work.
Today, being alone has allowed him to spend more time training and focusing on the details, learning a lot about himself and this new way of working.

For this single, the singer gives many thanks to the people who worked with him like Yunhway, who features on the main title, as well as the people who helped him with the composition, production and writing of the lyrics, because these people agreed very willingly  to collaborate with him.

With this first single MOON JONG UP would like people to dissociate the image he had within B.A.P, which was a strong and powerful image for which he had worked hard and which does not necessarily represent him best. And the image he will have now, which is more something natural and which suits him better.

I would like to be seen as a new artist, without going back to what I did before“.


Like his model Chris Brown, MOON JONG UP would like to become this kind of global artist. He was also praised for his multifaceted acting in the MV, he knows how to reinvent himself and can get into everything.

@_mulbap / @watericeinspacevibes

A word from our reporter :It’s a good comeback with a rather well chosen featuring. The design of the album is well made, like the video. An MV that somehow recalls “Feel so good” from B.A.P. It is a very cheerful JONG UP who showed up today and his whole team supports him.

Journalist: Shawn
Reporter: Dawn
Corrections: Lyva
Photos / Video: Waterice


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