DAY6: Their activities suspended.

Group DAY6 temporarily suspends its activities due to health problems.


While the group will make its comeback this May 11th with its new album “THE BOOK OF US: THE DEMON“, JYP Entertainment has just announced that the group is suspending its activities and will not do any promotions so that the members can rest.

Message de JYPE

« Hello, this is JYPE.

Above all, we wish to express our total gratitude to the My Day for always supporting DAY6. It is with deep regret that we bring this news to you so close to the comeback.

Recently, several members have told us that they suffer from psychological anxiety. We immediately sought medical advice, and medical professionals advised that rest and psychological stability were essential.

For this reason, and after long discussions with the members, we decided to temporarily suspend all activities of the group, including the promotions of the new album, to focus on their recovery.

We ask for your consideration regarding this sudden announcement of the suspension of activities just before the comeback. We promise to always put the well-being of DAY6 members first and to provide them with the best possible treatment for their healing.

We will inform you of the group’s future activities at a later date.

We sincerely ask for your continued love and support for DAY6, so that they can return healthy and healthy to the arms of My Day as soon as possible. »

Journalist: Malory
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS DAY6

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