DONGKIZ: They display their official colors.

Boys group DONGKIZ announces a charm composed of five colors for five members.


The official colors of the group which will be used to represent them have been published on the SNS of DONGKIZ.

The official colors that will represent DONGKIZ include a total of four colors: “LOVE POTION”, “424XGC”, “LIME PUNCH” and “SILVER STARLIGHT” which will form a whole.

“Love potion” is a love potion that will make you fall in love, “424XGC” represents April 24th the date of their debut, “Lime Punch” represents the one that emerges with brilliance, and “Silver Starlight” represents the bright future from DONGKIZ and its fan club.

As the different colors are harmonized, DONGKIZ will also show their colorful aspects as individuals and as a whole. In response, the agency also explained: “It is a color that contains the aspirations of DONGKIZ to show various aspects like a colored aurora.

DONGKIZ, which has unveiled its official colors, exudes a mysterious atmosphere, is currently communicating with fans via its official channel and its SNS, also busy preparing its new album.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Dongyo Entertainment

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