Friday, September 29, 2023
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MONSTA X: A powerful comeback.

After an injury to the leader which led to a postponement of their comeback, MONSTA X are back with the mini-album “FANTASIA X“!


Composed of members SHOWNU, MINHYUK, KIHYUN, HYUNGWON, JOOHEON and I.M, MONSTA X is a group of Starship Entertainment which makes this Tuesday May 26 its comeback via a live showcase on YouTube, after seven months since the last comeback of the boys. The showcase begins with the broadcast of a teaser video presenting each of the members before they latter go on stage to perform a first song entitled “Flow“, accompanied by a powerful breakdance, the boys dressed in leather making them particularly attractive.

“The most important thing for us is that when someone listens to our songs, they can immediately say” this is Monsta X! “- KIHYUN

The six boys find it curious to have an online showcase, but it’s also fun for them to experience something new. Without further time, they perform their title song “Fantasia“. The boys are bursting with energy and charisma, the scene seeming to ignite with their presence. Then, a video is presented, introducing the other tracks of their album with seven titles: “Fantasia“, “Flow”, “Zone“, “Chaotic“, “Beautiful Night“, “It ain’t over” and “Stand up” . Powerful names corresponding to the group’s image.


They then discuss the video for “Fantasia” where they say they wanted to present a different concept while respecting the musical imprint of the group, in particular by surrounding themselves with golden elements. In addition, KIHYUN adds that the challenge during the shooting was to perform a certain scene by wearing hats obstructing their view.

Stand up” is a song we wrote for our fans to wish them to be healthy and get up every day despite these tough times with the Corona “- JOOHEON


The MC then describes the group’s crazy adventure around the world, notably on their passage in Saudi Arabia during an EDM festival. The boys were very touched by this moment, appreciating every moment where they can be in contact with their fans, especially since it was only the second time that they went to an Arab country, their first destination having been the United Arab Emirates.

I.M talks about the difference between MONSTA X in Korea and those in the United States. The first are energetic, and have powerful concepts, while the second want to be softer and more delicate in order to be able to test new concepts, “All about love“, a title extracted from their first album for their American debut, was released on the day of the Valentine’s Day. SHOWNU and KIHYUN show a few dance steps from “Fantasia” to show their new sexy and western image, due to the outfits they wear.

JOOHEON looks back at the beginnings of the CRAVITY group, for whom he wrote one of their song, Jumper“, with the desire to be like a kind and caring big brother for the members. Within MONSTA X, all members claim to support each other and have the same kindness between them. To reassure fans, SHOWNU announces that members will be very present on their social networks to meet fans, being forced to remain confined while the covid rages. They thus hope that everyone will remain in good health and that they will receive a lot of support and love for their comeback with “Fantasia“. The showcase ends with the broadcasting of the clip marking the group’s comeback.

A word from our reporter:The clip is beautiful, highlighting each member and giving them full honor. There is no doubt that the boys are strong with this comeback and that their efforts will bear fruit.”

Journalist: PILLET Anaïs
Translator: PILLET Anaïs
Source, KSTATION TV, Starship Entertainement

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