CLC: An unexpected combination with JANG YE EUN.

CLC‘s JANG YE EUN showed off her perfect chemistry with Yun Hwai.


In Mnet’s “GOOD GIRL“, which aired on the afternoon of May 28th, the “Decides on the Best Unit” round took place.

The second unit to perform on stage was JANG YE EUN, who is rich in charm, and Yun Hwai, and her gangster voice. In an unexpected combination, GOOD GIRL members commented, “I would never have imagined the combination of Yun Hwai and Jang Ye-eun” and “I didn’t expect them to show this type of performance , which raises questions about the next steps.

Before the performance, the two young women selected “Feels” by Calvin Harris. Under the direction of Yun Hwai, JANG YE EUN decided to rap and Yun Hwai decided to be in charge of the vocal part, thus completing the distribution of the parts smoothly.

JANG YE EUN said, “It was a bit difficult to take the title because a lot of people knew this song.” However, she managed to draw a positive review of Yun Hwai by writing her own rap lyrics.

The two women, who seemed somewhat awkward at the start of labor, showed their special and unexpected chemistry, with the cute personality of Yun Hwai over-released and disarmed.

JANG YE EUN and Yun Hwai, who wore shower robes for harmony of unity, surprised by their relaxed but sophisticated mood. “It was as if two wealthy sisters were in a hotel,” said host DinDin.

After finishing the stage, JANG YE EUN said:

There is one thing that everyone is clearly good at, but I was worried about doing this and that, a little.

I think we have improved by 5%. I haven’t practiced in a day, but I was right. I shouldn’t be satisfied, but I think it’s a relief. Yun Hwai m encouraged. What would have happened if we hadn’t done it together? she said, expressing gratitude to Yun Hwai.

GOOD GIRL” by Mnet, with JANG YE EUN, is broadcast every Thursday at 9:30 pm.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Cube Entertainment

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