KHUNDI PANDA : Coming back soon since SMTM9!

The artist from DEJAVU GROUP KHUNDI PANDA will be back on February 10. The day before his birthday, the rapper-composer who made a sensation during the last season of Show Me The Money (season 9) where he competed against his own “employer” and BEWHY collaborator, unveiled a short teaser video, the date and the title of his comeback “THE FROST ON YOUR KIDS“.


He made a sensation from the first episode of Season 9 of Show Me The Money, and this charisma only increased over the episodes until its elimination not far from the final. His audience grew a lot because of his aura but also because of the cardboard that the title “VVS” had during the show. Even today, this title is played and sing/remixed by many artists. A month ago, he also took over his Soundcloud account where he adds non-official tracks.

All agree, KHUNDI PANDA is an artist. Passionate about art, painting he is picky whether as a rapper or composer, the young man is now one of the pillars of the new generation of Korean hip-hop. It is therefore with great impatience that we will wait for February 10, when his comeback is expected.

Following his post, the artist announced on Instagram story his upcoming album.

Journalist: Waterice
Translator: Waterice
Source: Khundi Panda SNS

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