GOT7: MARK and JB launch on YouTube

JB and MARK of the group GOT7 have officially opened their personal YouTube channels.

Chaîne Youtube officielle de MARK & JB GOT7

Since the end of their contracts, the members of GOT7 have undertaken various personal projects. If some have joined an agency like YOUNGJAE or JINYOUNG, others still seem to be discussing their projects.

JB, who has created a personal Twitter account to get closer to iGOT7 (fandom), announced the opening of a personal YouTube channel as well. Joining MARK who had officially announced the opening of his personal channel a few days earlier.

The two members have published a short video presentation of their channels announcing both new videos soon.

Versatile, GOT7’s members are present on many content and media exchange platforms and don’t hesitate to launch out to improve the exchange with their fandom.

A new way for their fans to follow and interact with members.

 JB’s YouTube channel
MARK’s YouTube channel 

Journalist: Kass
Translator: Shawn
Sources: JB / MARK chaine YouTube

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