SMTM: The announcement of the producers

Show Me the Money 9“, a survival show for rappers on the cable music channel Mnet, scheduled to air in the second half of the year, announced on August 19th the confirmation of four teams of producers.

First, the combination of Zion.T, who appeared as a producer in “Show Me the Money 5”, and Giriboy, who produced the winners in “Show Me the Money Triple Seven” and “Show Me the Money 8 “attracts attention.

Composer Code Kunst and label manager Paloalto reunited as a team after “Show Me the Money Triple Seven”. Season 5 winner rapper BewhY, Gaeko of “Dynamic Duo” who led the popularization of Korean hip-hop, as well as Choiza have also joined the producer body this season.

The fourth team to join for the first time this season is the combination of rapper Justhis and composer Groovyroom. Judith showed her presence through the stage of Show Me the Money, and Groovyroom (Gyujeong, Hwimin) which produced Kim Haon, winner of “High School Rapper 2”.

Show Me the Money 9” will launch a hip-hop label project led by the winner so that the winner can continue various musical activities for a year in addition to the prize of 100 million won. Combined with record production, management and marketing, the profits amount to 500 million won.

Show Me the Money 9” will receive applications by e-mail, by going to  home page and Instagram until 21st.

Journaliste : Shawn
Source : Mnet

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