SHOW ME THE MONEY 10: The Return

The hip-hop K show resurfaced, releasing for the tenth consecutive season.

Indeed, the Korean TV channel, Mnet has promised to release the new season of SHOW ME THE MONEY this fall. Currently only 2 episodes have been released, the first of which aired on October 1st. This survival game is the most popular and this year, contestants can win 300 million won or 216,000 euros.

The show’s Instagram page revealed the four teams of producers who will also be jurors but also their future teams.

First we have the GAEKO x CODE KUNST team.

In second, the YUMDDA x TOIL team.

In third, the ZION T x SLOM team.

And finally, the GRAY x MINO team.

The tradition also wants that the producers make a “Producer Cypher” that is to say that they will rap. They therefore prepare and release a video before the release of the episodes of the show, like every year.

The rest of the show is ongoing and Mnet’s YouTube page as well as the show’s social networks are very active in sharing all the news with their viewers.

Journalist: Loraine
Translator: Shawn
Source: Mnet

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