3YE: A new comeback

Group 3YE has unveiled its return schedule.

3YE (2)

The group of talented girls 3YE unveiled their return calendar on June 14th for their first mini-album “TRIANGLE” on their official SNS. According to the published schedule, 3YE is expected to release photo teasers for today.

The group will then unveil a group teaser on June 16th, a list of titles on June 17th, the first trailer for the clip on June 18th, and a preview of the album on June 19th. Concept films and photos by YUJI, YURIM and HAEUN will be released sequentially from the 20th, the second trailer for the clip will be broadcast on the 26th and the image teaser D-1 on the 28th June.

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The return calendar also attracts more attention because it adds a unique character to the image which corresponds to the title of the mini-album “TRIANGLE“. 3YE, which will join the “June comeback battle” with the announcement of its return on the 29th, will increase fans’ expectations with the release of various content before its return.

After completing a filming of the MV which focused on performance, special attention is paid to the concept that will captivate the eyes and ears of the audience. In particular, this album should present a different group of girls by their more mature voices as well as their performances.

Previously, 3YE performed at the 56th Daejong Film Festival on June 3rd. 3YE caught the eye not only of actors such as Lee Byung Hun and Park Hae Soo who participated in the award ceremony, but also of viewers with their live performances who were captivated by a perfect group dance.

3YE, who debuted her career with her first digital single “DMT (Do Ma Thang)” in May of last year, solidified the color of the group by showing an unequaled charm through “Out Of My Mindand “QUEEN“.

3YE, which has emerged as a global idol group not only in Korea but also abroad, actively communicates with fans by posting cover videos from pop, South American and Arab musicians such as “Woman like me” , “Taj“, “Slay” and “Calma” via its SNS.

3YE should release their first mini-album “TRIANGLE” on June 29th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: GH Entertainment

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