Thursday, November 30, 2023
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GFRIEND : Behind the scenes of the “OhBoy!” photo shoot

The members of GFRIEND (여자친구), invite us backstage at the “OhBoy!” magazine photo shoot.

We can see the unique charms of each of GFRIEND’s members.

The video starts with EUNHA (은하), where she poses softly and elegantly with a white dress.


Afterwards, we see SINB (신비) where she shows us her elegance.


Then you can discover YUJU (유주) with a retro outfit.


And then the individual photos of the three group members. You can see in the video, that four members of the group pose together. YUJU asked if she could hold the puppy for this picture.

‘GFRIEND – YERIN, YUJU (en commençant par le haut), EUNHA, UMJI’

SOWON (소원) appeared in a classy, eye-catching way.


YERIN (예린) shows us his elegance through this photo.


UMJI (엄지), the group’s maknae appears there in a soft, casual look.


And finally, they all posed together. But also as a duo.


GFRIEND will return this summer in july, but at the moment there is no precise schedule to communicate yet.

Journalist: Somprasith
Translator: Somprasith

Les aventures de Soso

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