Wednesday, December 6, 2023

SF9: Tracklist and highlight medley unveiled

As the SF9 comeback approaches, FNC Entertainment unveils the complete tracklist and medley of the upcoming album “9LORYUS: PROLOGUE”.

We can see that the album will be composed of six songs, 여름 향기가 날 춤추게해 (summer breeze)“, “별을 따라 (Into the night)“, “Ok sign“, “비켜 (all day all night)”, “미친 것처럼 (go high) etMy story, my story”. These were written by several members of the group, ZUHO, YOUNGBIN, CHANI, JAEYOON and HWIYOUNG.  This is not the first time that the boys show their talents in writing the lyrics of their songs since they have done it in almost all their previous albums. In addition, 미친 것처럼 was written, composed and arranged by ZUHO who once again expresses his musical style by totally composing a song for the group. In the previous album “FIRST COLLECTION” he had already written, composed and arranged 춤을 출 거야 (Dance with me)”. 

After having released the list of songs that will compose the album, FNC Entertainment unveils the medley of these same songs so that we discover the atmosphere of the future album. In addition, for each song in this video two members are highlighted. For 여름 향기가 날 춤추게해 (summer breeze) it(s first the whole group then the leader YOUNGBIN who is sitting on a swing in the middle of a meadow. Then it’s the turn of “별을 따라 (Into the night)” where we see INSEONG in front of a barn and JAEYOON in a field. Then we find DAWON in a forest and ROWOON on the edge of a meadow for the song “Ok sign”. We then find ZUHO on a path not far from a field and TAEYANG also in a meadow for 비켜 (all day all night). The maknae line for the title 미친 것처럼 (go high) where HWIYOUNG is in a wheat field and CHANI in a meadow. For the last song of the album My story, my story all the members are gathered proudly posing in this famous meadow.

The songs of the album are in different styles where some have more electro components, others more pop where still a ballad but all the songs make you want to dance, to let yourself go to the rhythm of the music.

The future album “9LORYUS: PROLOGUE” will be the eighth mini album of SF9 their very first was “BURNING SENSATION” with the song track Roar.

Journalist: Charlène
Translator: Charlène
Source: FNC Entertainment

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