BIGBANG: Their fans are mobilizing.

On July 23rd, BIGBANG’s fans, mobilized by circulating a truck playing their clips and various requests from VIPS near the buildings of YG Entertainment, the band’s agency.

We could read messages of support such as “we’ll always wait for BIGBANG but also listing demands for the well-being of the band and its fanbase. The VIPS also express their concern about the several defamations and attacks the band has been undergoing since the various scandals concerning its members. Notably the Burning Sun affair which concerned the former member Seungri in 2019. Fans want more support from the entertainment company they depend on, but also, a better organization regarding the increasingly international fanbase.

Here are the full demands.

1. VIPs humbly request YG Entertainment to take swift legal action against those that attack and defame BIGBANG online. This includes social media netizens, gossip sites, news, and blogs. This is fundamental to protect BIGBANGs image, reputation, and mental health.

2. Provide an easy to access system for fans to submit reports of defamation and malicious rumors to YG Entertainment directly.

3. BIGBANGs growing international fanbase requests English Subtitles on ALL content including previously released music videos and content such as Dae’s House, etc.

4. Open BIGBANG Fanclub membership to international fans.

5. Provide BIGBANG with an official Instagram account. Update BIGBANGs Twitter handle to be more accessible.

6. For future activities, VIPS demand YG Entertainment provide their full support and promotion worthy of your representative artists. Provide ads on multiple SNS, music platforms, and billboards worldwide. Update official YG Entertainment pages and BIGBANG Instagram and Twitter about CFs and collaborations the members are involved in.

7. Make all Group and Solo music available on Spotify. Organize Spotify profiles for the solo members to make all Korean and Japanese music available under a single name

8. Make the official albums and merch available on accessible e-commerce sites like Amazon.

YG Entertainment hasn’t responded to the fans yet, but fans’s demands has been well received, as staff members have shared pictures of the truck.

Journalist: Mmmrci
Translator: Mmmrci
Source : SNS

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