Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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DAY6 : EVEN OF DAY’s schedule revealed and YOUNG K’s spoiler

JYP Entertainment finally reveals the schedule of the first sub-unit of DAY6.


While the KPOP/KROCK band DAY6 temporarily stopped its activities, JYP Entertainment had revealed the release of the very first sub-unit of the band to be called EVEN OF DAY.

The first sub-unit of DAY6 is about to come up on August 31st. A good news for MYDAY, fandom of the band, who were shocked to learn about the temporary stop of the activities of the band, few days before its comeback and at the same time than the release of its new album called “THE BOOK OF US : THE DEMON“.

EVEN OF DAY will be composed swith the members YOUNG K, WONPIL and DOWOON. The very first album will be called “THE BOOK OF US : GLUON” and will be released on August 31st. The fans will be able to listen to an extracts on August 14th, with the release of the very first trailer. The schedule map published by JYP Entertainment, shows a possible galaxy and constellations theme.


Loyal to himself, YOUNG K did, 3 hours ago approximately, a VLIVE where he was talking and answering to few questions of the 30 000 fans who were watching the video. When several fans started to ask for a spoiler about the album and projects, YOUNG K hesitated before answering : 

My voice is gonna be somewhere that you would not expect it to be.

He also said that they had fun working on the album that was a new challenge for the trio.“I really hope you guys will like it”. He also announced that there would not be any solo song.


Journalist : Natacha
Translation : Natacha
Source & Photos : DAY6 SNS, JYP Entertainment



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