TAEMIN: The complete artist

The first video teaser for “Criminal“.

By publishing a first video teaser for the title “Criminal“, TAEMIN validates the fact that he is an “artist”, using art in all its forms. TAEMIN symbolizes the malaise, the madness, of the human spirit. Whether chained, imprisoned, or even mutilated, TAEMIN knows how to highlight the beauty of what could be filthy.

Already in his photo teasers TAEMIN had staged with different art forms using objects or his own body to pose and express various effects.

The teaser for the music video for TAEMIN‘s third album “NEVER GONNA DANCE AGAN: Act 1” heightens expectations for the comeback, with a sultry video featuring a touch of “Joker” madness.

The title song “Critical” is a synth-wave genre song that combines a sustained rhythm and a newtro sound, with the sensual voice of TAEMIN which comes to underline the lyrics which reveal a fatal charm characterizing the “Stockholm Syndrome.”

The album includes, in addition to the main song “Critical“, “Black rose”, “Stranger“, “Waiting for“, “Clockwork“, “Just me and you“, “Nemo“, “Famus” Korean version and “2kids“.

TAEMIN‘s third album “NEVER GONNA DANCE AGAN: Act 1” will be released on various music sites at 6pm on September 7th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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