JANG WOO HYUK: A new trendy retro title

JANG WOO HYUK will make a comeback today with his multi-album “HE (Subtitle: DON’T WANNA BE ALONE)”.

JANG WOO HYUK‘s agency, WH CREATIVE said on various online music sites that at 6 pm today, JANG WOO HYUK’s multi-album “HE (subtitle: DON’T WANNA BE ALONE)” and the attention-grabbing video clip in tribute to HOT “Light” will also be unveiled on the official YouTube channel and Naver at the same time.

The title and song of the album “HE (Subtitle: DON’T WANNA BE ALONE)” is of a POP / R&B genre that contains the empty feelings of a man who has broken up with his loved one. The emotional melody, imaginary arrangement and groove are impressive, especially the performance of the song by JANG WOO HYUK, which moves freely between rap and vocals, is particularly noteworthy.

Besides, JANG WOO HYUK‘s performance cannot be missed. His performance, which combines retro hip-hop and trendy, is said to focus on sounds and emotional expressions, raising expectations for the music video as well as for the stage.

The multi-album has a total of two tracks, including “HE” and “WEEKAND” his latest single. JANG WOO HYUK‘s trendy song “HE” and music video will be available from 6pm today.

JANG WOO HYUK is slated to begin his promotional activities at 6pm today with the release of his multi-album “HE (Subtitle: Don’t Wanna Be ALONE)”.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: WH Creative

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