Thursday, November 30, 2023
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B.I.G : Newsletter of the week

Here’s a summary of what’s been happening in B.I.G‘s news this week.


B.I.G is a 6 members group under the GH entertainment, they made their debut in 2014 with the song “Hello”. The leader JHOON is actually serving in the military.
Recently, GUNMIN was selected to be part of the new Japanese-Korean group, NIK, from the japanese show G-EGG, he finished at the first place of the program. You can find more informations about the members of the group by clicking on the link of the article below :

Article « N.I.K: Meet the 11 members »

Wednesday, September 9th

The group’s maknae JINSEOK posted new photos on his Instagram account.

At the same time, he posted 3 new videos on his TIKTOK account.



Thursday, September 10th

Since some weeks, BENJI alongside SOLBI, appeared in a series of videos “Song for little kids” on TIKITAKA‘s Youtube channel, unfortunately the production team of the program revealed this week through their social networks, that they had taken the decision to stop the shooting of the program following the spread of the COVID-19. The show’s concept is, the duo is visiting families in order to compose and write songs for children, because of that it had become complicated to shoot the program since most of it was done indoors, the team apologized for the sudden stop. The first 6 episodes of the program are still available on Youtube. 

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