DRIPPIN: From shadow to light

Group DRIPPIN is finally reunited, it can get closer to you and fully reveal itself.

Today, September 13th, Woollim Entertainment is uploading the group video trailer “Allegory of DRIPPIN“. In this trailer all the boys are found together in the same room. Each member went through a door leading to a dark room, facing the other members, with a box in hand. After a few glances exchanged the boys all move in the same direction.

Until the moment when they cross a last door leading them towards the light. A symbolism that reminds us that the 7 members were in the shadows as rookies and that now it is time for them to step into the light.

Each of the members, from CHA JUN HO on September 5th, KIM DONG YUN, KIM MIN SEO, LEE HYEOP, ALEX, JOO CHANG UK to HWANG YUN SEONG on September 12th, unveiled individual video teasers. In each teaser, the members of DRIPPIN have locked an object that concerns them in the box they are holding, a mask, a question mark, a ball representing the solar system, a statuette, a spyglass, a Pinocchio puppet and an old watch. The mystery therefore remains very great when to know what will be the concept of the group.

DRIPPIN is a newly coined term which means “쿨하다 to be cool”, “멋있다 to be classy” and “힙하다, to be hip”, positioning the group in tune with the times, in fashion.

DRIPPIN is stepping up preparations for its debut with the goal of being able to do so next month.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Woollim Entertainment

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