GOLDEN CHILD: End of the concert, they announce a comeback

Group GOLDEN CHILD unveils a spoiler video.

Today, September 13th, Woollim Entertainment‘s group GOLDEN CHILD, DAEYEOL, Y, JANGJUN, TAG, SEUNGMIN, JAEHYUN, JIBEOM, DONGHYUN, JOOCHAN, and BOMIN, announce its comeback with a spoiler video.

In the video that was unveiled, the boys are talking with each other in a joint conversation, the main topic is what they are going to eat, because the concert has just ended. But DAEYEOL reminds you that you have to go to train. It’s JANGJUN who will talk about the comeback before the conversation ends with a kind of wave that will erase everything that was written and reveal the date of it, October 7th, 2020.

Group GOLDEN CHILD has performed today its “Ontact concert” in order to meet its fans while protecting themselves from the coronavirus.


Group GOLDEN CHILD which stood out in the show “Road to Kingdom” has decided to change their look since their last comeback with the titleLucid dreamreleased in June. GOLDEN CHILD will be back for a quick comeback in October.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Woollim Entertainment

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