VAV : They are planning an online concert

On this day, Wednesday September 16, Ateam Entertainment shared on the group’s SNS, the announcement of their online concert.


It’s the first time that we see VAV making an online concert for Europe and Korea. After the fiasco of their last online concert with Studio PAV, the fans are more than happy to learn that they won’t work with the american agency this time. The online concert will take place on October 25th, 2020 at 2PM (Europe time), and even if it’s written that this online concert is for Europe and Korea, it’s mostly a matter of schedules, and of course all the world can get in. Moreover, VAV offers many benefits in this online concert, going from the basic concert ticket, to a fancall :

sns de VAV

It’s precised that you will be able to only take one ticket per account, and that these tickets will only be available once, as a result, you can not use the same codes on different screens. Only 200 VIP tickets will be able to meet the members, and it’s also written that the call you will have will be with a random member through Whatsapp and it’s forbidden to record the video, share it on your SNS, and add people in the call.

You will be able to get your tickets on September 18th, at noon (European time), until the concert, on bbangya TV live’s website :

We can’t wait to see VAV’s new choregraphies and hear the songs of their new album “MADE FOR TWO” on live, and we know the group can’t wait to be on live neither !

Journalist: Solenne
Translator: Solenne
Source: SNS VAV

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